Toy Hauler Motorhome for the Next Adventure

Toy Hauler Motorhome

Motorized toy haulers are often geared toward outdoor enthusiasts and high-end buyers who could use a dedicated garage space to transport their recreational “toys” and equipment. These motorhomes tend to be more expensive than luxury travel trailers and are sometimes larger than fifth-wheels. With that in mind, you can expect a toy hauler motorhome to account for a big upfront investment once you commit to such an upgrade. 

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What is a Toy hauler Motorhome?

A toy hauler motorhome combines the traditional comforts and features of a standard motorhome with the ability to carry recreational toys such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), kayaks, golf carts, snow mobiles and more. These units are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to travel with their recreational equipment in order to enjoy more dynamic outdoor adventures. 


How Big Are Toy Haulers?

Toy Haulers vary in size with the compact ones being under 20 feet and length, while the largest ones are designed to be towed by a pickup truck with a fifth-wheel hitch. The toy hauler’s size will depend on your specific needs or preferences. At present, toy hauler’s weight ranges from 3,600 to 11,400 pounds when empty. 


Is a Toy Hauler Easy to Tow? 

Whether a toy hauler motorhome is easy to tow or not depends on a number of factors: the size and weight of the toy hauler, your towing vehicle’s capacity and the hitch type you intend to use. Smaller units are generally easier to tow, although your towing experience will also play a factor in your comfort level. 


How Much Do Toy Haulers Cost? 

Toy hauler motorhomes are estimated to set you back $20,000 to upwards of $100,000 contingent on the unit’s amenities, size and other factors. 


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Toy Hauler?

Getting a toy hauler generally comes with exciting benefits for outdoor enthusiasts. However, the vehicle does still come with its set of advantages and disadvantages that can be more pronounced depending on the hauler’s fit for your lifestyle or preferences. 


The primary advantages of owning a toy hauler are as follows: 

  • Ability and convenience in transporting recreational toys 
  • More flexibility in choosing destinations, activities and changing plans 
  • Specialized or fewer amenities require less maintenance 
  • Versatile vehicle that can be used for purposes other than cargo 
  • Garage can accommodate bunk beds and additional sleeping space for traditional use and setup 


Meanwhile, some possible disadvantages that you should consider are: 

  • Toy haulers make for a significant financial investment 
  • Requires a capable vehicle, which may force you to update your towing vehicle 
  • Leaves you with less interior living space to make up for the garage space 


Best Toy Haulers 

Toy Hauler Motorhome_Grand Design Momentum G-ClassGrand Design Momentum G-Class

Tie-down rating: Up to 2,500 pounds

The Grand Design Momentum G-Class is available in travel trailer and toy hauler fifth-wheels configuration to cater to all your outdoor needs. Along with its rugged and durable build, the RV boasts a spacious living space that is flanked by a fiberglass front cap and a heated and enclosed underbelly that sets you up for all four seasons of outdoor adventure.



Toy Hauler Motorhome_Forest River XLR Boost


Forest River XLR Boost

Tie-down rating: Up to 5,000 pounds

The Forest River XLR Boost delivers great value for its price, especially when it comes to the sleek interior design, which is accented by earthly and monochromatic themes. The king-size bed comes with a storage underneath, as well as cabinets and a wardrobe space on the side. The garage looks just as great with plenty of space and some foldable seats/bed to maximize space.


Toy Hauler Motorhome_Heartland Cyclone


Heartland Cyclone

Tie-down rating: Up to 3,000 pounds

The Heartland Cyclone toy hauler has a intuitive garage set up that comes with a ramp door that can be configured as a party deck. Meanwhile, the interior boasts a 4K UHD TV, a king-size bed and an array of storage compartments and pull-out work stations.



Toy Hauler Motorhome_Keystone RaptorKeystone Raptor

Tie-down rating: Up to 5,000 pounds

Keystone Raptor has all the essentials of a motorhome that makes for comfortable living area and kitchen. This is accompanied by a sturdy garage with an impressive tie-down rating as well as a half-bath that is easily accessible after a day of fun activities outside.




Toy Hauler Motorhome_Salem FSXSalem FSX

Tie-down rating: Up to 1,500 pounds

The lightweight Salem FSX has a surprisingly spacious garage fit for carrying your gears for off-road biking, kayaking and the likes. Meanwhile, the interior amenities include a queen bed, an entertainment lounge and a full kitchen to make for a compact perfect home away from home setup.



Toy Hauler Motorhome_Dutchmen Voltage

Dutchmen Voltage

Tie-down rating: Up to 2,500 pounds

While the Dutchmen Voltage is undoubtedly impressive for its 16-foot garage with a decent 2,500-pound tie-down rating, its arguably the interior that makes it a more well-rounded RV and carrier that can provide you with home comfort even as you take it to rugged, uncharted terrains. On top of a cozy king-size bed, Voltage sports a 12 cubic foot refrigerator, a 3-burner range and a second air conditioner for longer trips and additional passengers.


Toy Hauler Motorhome_Forest River XLR Boost

Forest River XLR Nitro

Tie-down rating: Up to 5,000 pounds

The relatively light Forest River XLR Nitro is packed with a 13-foot garage space with a 5,000-pound tier rating that’s enough to carry a combination of your favorite recreational toys. The interior amenities also don’t disappoint with its 30-inch electric fireplace, king-size bed and a built-in ceiling fan.



Toy Hauler Motorhome_Jayco Talon

Jayco Talon

Tie-down rating: Up to 2,000 pounds

The Jayco Talon is one of the towable toy haulers with a good balance when it comes to performance, comfort and stability. While it’s a little underpowered, the toy hauler makes up for it via its classy interior and spacious garage.




Toy Hauler Motorhome_Dutchmen Astoria Platinum

Dutchmen Astoria Platinum

Tie-down rating: Up to 5,000 pounds

The powerful Dutchmen Astoria Platinum unites comfort and functionality in a towable toy hauler that looks and feels modern from the garage to its interiors. Aside from its luxurious master bedroom configuration, the RV boasts a roomy residential-space shower and a versatile HappiJac ramp door patio system.



Toy Hauler Motorhome_Alliance RV Valor Toy Hauler

Alliance RV Valor Toy Hauler

Tie-down rating: Up to 5,000 pounds

The Alliance RV Valor Toy Hauler is a luxury toy hauler that features a up to a whopping 20-foot garage space and one the most cozy interiors you’ll seen in an RV, including a 50-inch HD TV with fireplace, a king or queen bed option, stainless steel refrigerator and more.



Toy Hauler Motorhome_Brinkley Model G Toy Hauler

Brinkley Model G Toy Hauler

Tie-down rating: Up to 3,000 pounds

Brinkley Model G Toy Hauler is a true luxury fifth-wheel toy hauler with a beautiful full kitchen and master bedroom that are filled with intuitive compartments for all that extra storage space. There’s even a 12-volt exterior drawer fridge with up to 24-can capacity that allows for a convenient outdoor setup. The spacious rear garage, on the other hand, can be configured to sleep five more people when needed.




Do They Make Motorhomes That Are Toy Haulers?

Yes. Manufacturers make motorhomes that are designed as toy haulers, which are sometimes referred to as toy hauler motorhomes or motorized toy haulers. These rigs combine the comfort and amenities of a traditional motorhome with the storage space required to transport your outdoor toys and gear.


Is There a Class A Motorhome Toy Hauler?

Yes. Class A motorhome toy haulers are available in the market though not as common as a standard motorhome. Some examples are the Thor Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler Motorhome and Newmar Canyon Star Class A Toy Hauler configuration.


Do They Make a Class C Toy Hauler RV?

Yes. A Class C Toy Hauler RV is also available in the market today in the form of Thor’s Outlaw Class C motorized hauler and Jacyo’s Class C toy haulers. It’s worth noting, however, that the cargo space can leave you with smaller living space and a driver’s cabin.


What Companies Make Class A Toy Haulers?

In the RV industry, Thor motor coach and Newmar are known for consistently building and selling luxury Class A Toy Haulers.


Choosing the Best Toy Hauler Motorhome

When choosing the best motorized toy hauler, it’s imperative to look for units that are able to combine mobility and storage without taking too much away from the comfort and convenience that come with standard motorhomes. After all, your personal experience still supersedes the capacity of any trailer to carry your recreational toys and equipment. For more tips and guides, feel free to bookmark this post and visit our blog for anything travel trailers and RV living.


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