Roam on Wheels is not just a blog

It’s a celebration of a lifestyle that combines the thrill of travel with the coziness of your very own rolling abode. It’s where the spirit of wanderlust finds its perfect companion in the hum of tires on the pavement, and every mile is an opportunity for a new adventure.

Join us on a journey where the horizon is the only limit, where the road ahead is both our canvas and our guide. Here, we explore the world, one wheel turn at a time, and we invite you to ride shotgun.

Whether you’re a seasoned road warrior, a newcomer to the nomadic life, or simply someone with a curious heart, Roam on Wheels is your travel companion. We’re here to inspire, to inform, and to share the incredible stories and insights that come from life on the move.

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Discover the art of balancing comfort and adventure. Learn about sustainable and responsible travel. Find hidden gems and local treasures off the beaten path. We’re the enthusiastic guides to your next great escape, and together, we’ll explore places unknown and stories untold.

So, fasten your seatbelt, kick back, and get ready to roam. The world is your oyster, and we’re here to show you the pearls. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together, because in the world of Roam on Wheels, the destination is just the beginning.

Welcome to a life where curiosity knows no bounds, and the road stretches endlessly before you. Welcome to Roam on Wheels.

Meet The Roam On Wheels Team

White Collar Professionals Turned Passionate RVers

We are Chris and Amy, founders of Roam on Wheels. Our background was in corporate and we felt stuck in our jobs. We were working the 9-5, religiously, suppressing our little adventurers within ourselves. After many years of contemplating, we finally took the leap. We sold off our home, packed up everything, and Roam on Wheels was born.


RV, Travel Trailer Researcher and Content Writer

Angelo is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys camping  and exploring new hiking trails during his free time. As an avid traveler, he shares tips for road trips planning, campground reviews and the latest trends on RV accessories.

Angelo content writer

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